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Five things you may or may not know about me:
So..No. 1--I don't know how I make people laugh. ;3; Sometimes I would say something that I thought about something and then someone would burst out of the random. And say "AHAHAHHA--You're so funny!!" If only I knew, then I could keep making people laugh because I want to make them happy and it's really fun! xD
No. 2--I collect lots of lip-products, like lip gloss, chap stick, lip stain, lip stick anything natural looking though because I'm in love with the matte look. C:
I actually probably picked up this trait from my mother who loves lip wear too xD
Here are just two of the ones I was using today and yesterday:
On the left is the edible...the minty...the soft, CO Bigelow Mentha lip balm stick!! No. 1129. I only have great things to say about it, because not only can you eat it, but it also gives a sheer coat of moisture. Perfect for the cold or the summer. I actually took this one over with me to Canada and it worked great~
On the right is a lip gloss from Victoria Secret. That Beauty Rush brand. I can't say that it's the best first of all. Because it kind of feels like glue and lip glosses aren't my favorite of lip products because if you have long hair..it will get caught on your shiny sticky lips. I like this one because it gives a nice polishing touch to intense eye make-up. Great if you want your eyes to stand out.
Out of all of them though I love Aquaphor best~! It works so well. Almost like a Vaseline. You can use it both for skin and lips :3 Two in one deal~
No.3--I play Magic: The Gathering. Yes Yes...I know everyone is shocked that I'm such a nerd but I only play for fun. I'll play with my cousins and brother. Mine isn't really a competitive deck though. It's just mainly to play. I have a Merfolk deck btw for those who are wondering. And people who play are probably shocked that I have a Merfolk deck because Merfolk cards are hard to come by and difficult to play with pfft. xD
No.4--I've always aspired to collect lots of head phones O.O I love headphones...and I have about 3 of them though. It's not that much compared to the fanatics of them but I always end up breaking lots of headphones so that's pretty much all I have at the moment. D,:
I got these adorable pink headphones from my friend R*** for Christmas last year<33
I think they're adorable!! 
My other pairs consist of pink and white Skull Candy headphones
and a black pair of dj-style Sony headphones my parents bought for me
on the freshman year of Christmas.
No.5--I listen to Haru Haru by Big Bang when it rains. It just seems to fit the rain to me. I love the acoustic version very much. Some people tell me that this song suffocates them, and I kind of relate their view to how the rain keeps us inside the house. Because of it's coldness and unwilling drops that pound on our windows. And I just feel like it matches with the beats of the song. But it's not really just Big Bang that I listen too but also other Korean bands too. Their sensitive music is just so calming to listen to with the rainy atmosphere.

BIG BANG                                                           MBLAQ

I decided to make one of these because I felt like you can't really follow someone's blog unless you know more about them little by little and relate to them in the progress. 
It's super cold right now where I am so,
if your area is raining, I hope you keep warm ands stay safe. :)

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