So I just came home from the bookstore. (Barnes and Nobles)
I was there from 9:00a.m. to 4:00p.m.
My father had driven me there first thing in the morning.
And for lunch, I walked to the nearby mall for some Panda Express.
But I came across an interesting manga at the bookstore, it was
called After School Charisma. About Famous people having clones.
(Ex. Mozart, Marie Curie.) I remember it being in the top 10 of
Mangafox actually.
I had to skip a few pages though..(I was in the children's section
and there were children sitting around with me and their mother as
I always feel safer sitting in children's sections at bookstores.
I was also picking up where I left off in Otomen. It's getting
really exciting~
Also I was able to read the 4th volume of 13th Boy!!!~ Ah-mazing as
always. It left a really good cliffhanger this time. (It's a Korean
Manhwa btw.)
Going back to the bookstore, I just bought a book about animals and
Sparknotes of: The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. (A required summer
reading for AP Literature. I'll get one for The Great Gatsby next time.
I also have to finish that one over the summer. TToTT
Also, Chapter 23 of Karneval is out~~!! >u<

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