You Inspire Me
In the passed two weeks, I've been going to lots of places.

Last night, I just came back from a play at school.
It was interesting.
My friend bought a ticket for me early there
so we would have front row seating,
but it was first come first serve seating this time. :C
And I met up with friends along the way there too, it was great! :D

And a couple of weeks ago, I went on a
hiking trip with a our
Global Environment Organization
and I took pictures!

I also went to the beach with my family the next day. C:
I have more, but it seems FC2 is not uploading them correctly :<

I love FC2, but I'm feel like I should move my blog elsewhere. Perhaps I'll go to blogger or I actually don't know very many :,D
I've tried tumblr and livejournal and webs.
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