Mario Kart
So I was playing Mario Kart for two hours yesterday and that seemed to release a bit of my stress.
Also, I just recently downloaded two visual novel demo games on my ipod. :)

The first is called Pinky Distortion ep.1 Lite.
I found it to be a great game with awesome music!
I want to continue, but then I would have to buy an itunes card... -.-
It was put together by an An Cafe band member named Kanon.
Here is the link to download it.

The other had nice graphics, but I forgot the name. Well, I have to say the beginning is kind of slow if you know what I mean. It doesn't really get to the climax until 7 minutes later.

I've also been studying hard as AP testing draws nearer.
Next week will be awfully busy and then the following is SPRING BREAK<33!!

The weather has been getting warmer in California.
I've been cooling off with wearing dresses more often.
Tomorrow is probably going to hit 90 degrees Fahrenheit again. :/
And I'm going to have a short weekend too. So much to do...
It's quite difficult to stay positive in times like these.

I'm looking for a new hair-style too. One that may keep my hair at the same length. Since it's 4 inches to touching my waist.
OR..I might go shorter, it depends. :]

My new charger came in today, so now I could use my compy~
So I will be uploading pictures easily now!!<3
(Although I don't think that's so important to mention.)

Well, I have to get back to studying.
And then it's a weekend~ filled with more work.
Love, Megu
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