Need Out SOS
-sigh- I need out of the house now. I've been inside for too long... I kind of skipped breakfast this morning too :( Not on purpose. I'm just not that hungry. I've been taking lots of pictures too. Too many actually D:
Or is there such a thing? I really wish I had people to take pictures with. LOL When I take them alone, I feel like I look conceited all the time. :\
I should photoshop people in like...Reita. ;)
But it's not just that, I think I'm just getting kind of lonely. I mean I have my siblings, but they are usually busy watching tv or playing video-games. Sometimes though, I'm happy to be by myself. I just miss having people to talk to.
pictures of what I do when I'm stuck in a rut:
I call this "Behind me is a dresser". My mom bought me flower from a store closing.
Called "Ponytail ftw"
I never wear this shirt to school. I'm not sure why really. But I wear it a lot on the weekends. :3
"Mickey and Minnie duo" The bow I'm wearing, which you can't see here D: , was a diy I made from duct-tape and paint. It was supposed to be a bow like the one Minnie has. I made it a long time ago lol. I just found it in my box of hair goods.
The shirt had an "M" on it in black sequin and has a bootlegged Mickey face on it. xD
"Snooping or Creeping or Not" I was utterly debating on whether to add this up to the list of images simply because it's hard to see the words and the pictures ae kind of blurry. This isn't really to show off how creeperish I can be..but really to show what I will create when my unusual state of mind appears from staying locked in.
As far as I go for blogs, this is my 102nd entry. I can't believe I've kept mine for this long really. It's a longer time than my myspace 3 years ago. I never really payed much attention to myspace. It was mostly facebook for me. And that was pretty much it. I was skipping around from blog to blog though. I remember. C:
I think it's still there too:
ehehe...I was pretty odd. I mean I guess I still am not.
I used to have a LiveJournal, an original blogspot, an ameba/ameblo, mixi, livedoor, xanga, tumblr and I kind of just settled with fc2 because I liked the services and maintenance much better.
And it is much much easier to navigate than the others xD
I also confess. I don't like it when people see me dance...I feel like I'll mess up or something. The last time I made a dance in Dance class at school in front of the whole class alone on stage with our own choreography, I had very negative thoughts on how I was going to do,
but I actually  I didn't mess up. =.= 
I actually got a lot of compliments from theater students. They said it looked rather professional. 
I kind of believe that I got my confidence from taking ballet back then though. It was invigorating.
Especially the warm-ups and foreign ballet dances we learned. 
The studio I went to was called Academy en L'air. They had very nice teachers and very graceful girls too ; 3 ;
I couldn't compare to their skills. You can tell they work hard and had to take a very long time to develop their strength. 
And I was originally there to build endurance and lose weight...
Maybe it's just the feelings that make me look back right now.
I think I look back to often x3
Christmas is coming closer and I still need to shop for my parents' and siblings gifts > <;
Actually I already got my brother's o_~
The price was better online than in stores. :3
I feel like the more I write the more there is something I want to say but I can't seem to place a finger on it.
I don't like when this happens :P
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