As much as I would like
I'm not really into the the popularity on the internet. I feel
like my blog is more for myself but I appreciate followers.
Thank you very much everyone!! 
So I feel like I should make a wish-list.
A small little impossible one for myself. xP
I shall start with:
Luffy's Glasses!
I fell in love with them at first sight. I think
I saw this at an ameblo account a long time ago. TT.TT
I want to get a copy of glasses like these when I get to pick out
my glasses next month<3 Something similar~
Kirino figure. Super tsundere!!<3 
From my favorite anime Oreimo. ;D
I would jam with these in public :3
They are so cuuute!
There is no way I won't buy these one day >3
Including a pair of black ones so that teachers and see them through my hair. >D
But this depends if I still insist on being a diligent student
and paying attention in class like I usually do. pfft
I keep wishing and wishing and it never comes true ; - ;
It's my gamer fuel....
They used to sell these at my school in vending machines
but I guess students complained that it tasted sick too much so they stopped.
I thought it tasted good though ; 3 ;
Very futuristic...
Like it was the taste of a new beginning. I love it. I drank
so much over the summer time that my mom
stopped buying them Q.Q
To tell you the truth, I'm feverishly curious about the hype.
I keep hearing people talk about this. My ex-boyfriend often times left me to play this.
Most of the time he was trying to get me into World of Warcraft.
Telling me about the vivid graphics and amazing details. Better than PWI. >.>
And that it was worth paying for and that I should give it try.
He mentioned very little about Star Craft because he was mostly playing it.
He told me I should just stick to my Facebook.
So it's wrong for a female to play?
I don't really believe that.
i don't know who that was directed to personally but I know there are sexists. ; A ;
I believe I have an artwork relating to this feeling.
I've been a follower for the first, the second, tri,
and now I'm soo excited for this to come out!!
:,D Here I come MHF!!
garnetcradleotome bloodycallotome 
Apparently both are good otome games.
The first one is Garnet Cradle and the Second is Bloody Call.
From what I've heard, they both exceed in graphics and
the story lines are okay.
tI am debating on whether to play Bloody Call because I've
heard some pretty explicit comments about it.
But I'm in need of new games soon. My head is going to burst on how many 
times I keep playing the same ones over and over. >3
I should go make some tea.
Au Revoir everyone! 
It's winter so keep warm!

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I meant to put next year for the luffy specs ^.^
[2010/12/21 21:04] | URL | megu #- [ Edit ]
thanks for visiting my blog(^^)
im a big MH fan too!
[2010/12/23 04:29] | URL | 健人 #- [ Edit ]
> thanks for visiting my blog(^^)
> im a big MH fan too!

>NP Thanks for visiting mine!
That's so awesome that you MH too!
[2010/12/23 08:53] | URL | megu #- [ Edit ]
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