The Sky
Today was an absolutely beautiful day. The clouds, the sky, the nature.
The people... OAO
It was exactly how much I wanted it all week. :)
I deliberately went online when I wasn't supposed. xD
But I haven't updated in a while and I believe it to be important.
Today was a lot of laughs. I laughed so much my stomach hurt.
We were watching 'Apocalypse Now' in AP Literature today.
Just clips of it  from R***'s group's presentation.
My teacher seemed to enjoy it immensely.
I wasn't laughing at the movie though...
And I'm not offended. As long as someone does not go around school
hazing people with Vietnamese last names. :]

In Journalism~ My friend R*** and I were....taking video cam pictures!
We were laughing so hard at some that the members in the other room
had to come and check on us every once in a while. xD
I have permission from R***. :,D

Fifth period came....
There are lots of pictures on my phone from 5th period orz.
V***** had been using my phone and took lots of pictures of me. o.o
I did not ask but now I have a bunch of funny pictures
and weird video of me in class. O.o

Much adieu for something...<3

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