So much!
I've got an exciting list of things to do for this weekend.
The lawl of it all.... TT.TT
1. Finish the book: Great Expectations.
2. Trigonometry Homework.
3. CRIB sheet for the book Heart of Darkness for AP Literature.
4. Heart of Darkness Presentation Set up (Separate from the crib sheet)
5. Think of ideas for Journalism final.
6. Organize backpack (papers & packing)
I saw the movie Inception today.
I found it quite fascinating.
And I highly recommend  <3
Acting was superb, nice scene-cuts, vivid effects, amazing actors/actresses.
My outfit today in a kind of blurred picture.... 
I dress quite casual everyday.
Something comfortable-ish :3
Make-up everyday;
I'm stopping, it makes me feel like I'm too absorbed
with my appearance more than my studies.
I tend to feel rather pretentious and I'm still contemplating this as either
a good characteristic or a bad one.

Films to Watch
-Schindler's List
-Under the Tuscan Sun
-The Butterfly Effect
-Pretty in Pink
-The Breakfast Club
-Some kind of Wonderful
-The Godfather

Films I would like to see in Cinema:
-The Tourist
-Black Swan

Well, time to get productive! >3

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