So much air to breathe...
I never would have thought I would feel this air again.
But maybe it's because I'm living a bit on the edge right now. :P
Hmm...I have to take some more pictures don't I?
I will get on with that tomorrow ;D
And then it's back to school mode for me. D:
I just heard this's very nice...
not because the name of it is Megan though,
but because I like the serene-ness. xD
By the Smoking Popes.
Also, while I'm at it, here you go:
My Dream by TheUltimateReaper2
This song was concocted by my friend. A very inspiring friend.
He motivates me and gives me lots of advice. He used to go to my school,
but now he's in South Korea.
A very motivating fellow, so please subscribe to him and send him lots
of pleasant comments because he's having a difficult time there.
I really hope his situations get better.
I think our friendship is special because
before I met him, I didn't know that he went to my school.
I was just listening to techno music online. The ones that he uploaded while
he was still in Germany? I may be incorrect there -.- he's been to a lot of places.
And then I found out he went to my school when we talked about music in World History
class. And so we talked about techno and BANG! we're techno buddies :D

So yesterday, I spent my evening watching Salt.
It was pretty much okay. I would give it a 6 rating.
Sorry for those who would give it a 10.

step up 3d
legendof the guardiansmovie

And today, I watched the movies Step Up 3 and Legend of the Guardians.
Watching Step Up 3 made me feel extremely STIFF. Like zombie stiff man. u.u
So after the movie, I got into my ballet mode and totally stretched myself all out.
And then when I went to see the Legend of the Guardians....
I did not know that owls were so flexible!! D:
So during the middle of the movie,
I got down on the floor and stretched.
Great right? and now I'm craving for eggs bbs!!

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