A Meaningful Life
I just finished Angel Beats! today. :,D
I never wanted to complete the series
before because I was afraid it was going to end. ; - ;
I really loved it. Angel Beats! gave a considerably
refreshing feeling of hope and love for me.
And what grew inside was an intense motivation to help people.
I'll update about my dad's idea when it further progresses.
Until then, here's what I got from the Pokemon Tour!

It's a cellphone charm~
My mom, brother, and sister each got
the styluses of the different starter pokemon.

Everyone I know is getting into UCLA! O.O
It's stirring up quite an ambition in me.
I don't think I could get into UCLA though. -.-
And my mom won't let me go any further than Riverside.
(Which is the school she really wants me to go to.)
My list so far is, UCI, USC, UCSD, Cal Polytechnic: Pomona,
UCR...and some more I still have to decide on. :\

I also made this mask for French class.
Since it was Mardi Gras week. :3

List of Life Processes going on:
-High School (Homework, Tests, Club Activities)
-Finding Volunteer Locations/Opportunities
-College Search
-Assembling Cosplay for Anime Expo
-Studying for upcoming tests

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Nice bloggie Megu-san :D
[2011/03/13 00:58] | URL | Chiyo #- [ Edit ]
> Nice bloggie Megu-san :D
Thank you,
I think your blog is super cute! :D
[2011/03/13 21:57] | URL | megu #- [ Edit ]
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