"An ancient Japanese legend promises that anyone who folds a thousand origami cranes will be granted a wish by a crane, such as long life or recovery from illness or injury."


Not to late to update about the disaster in Japan,
but my idea that I mentioned in my last entry was to collect
donations at school and send them over to Japan.
(Except I didn't know a catchy way to start it.)
Currently, my Anime Club, GEO Club,
Interact Club, Theater Club, and Science Club are helping out.
As well as other clubs who are assembling dances and having
students pay for admission to raise money to send over.

But this really great idea came to me, since J****** suggested that
she wanted to fold 1000 paper cranes as an Anime Club event and my friend
J***** said we could sell cranes for fundraising, I put the two ideas together
and asked the ASB advisor today if Anime Club and a bunch of other clubs could
fold 1000 paper cranes costing $1 each and J***** suggested to make some big ones that cost $5 each.
We will also wish for Japan to prosper.
Although the crane idea will be a separate event from the one coming up on Friday, Monday, and Tuesday. It will have to be a week later perhaps if it gets approved.
ut the ASB Advisor really liked the idea a lot.
We will make 1000. I believe in our group, for it is quite large.
All in all I think these were great ideas and we're really going to make it happen! 
Sadako and the Thousand Paper Cranes!
I remember reading the story when I was really little.
My grandfather used to fold them for me when I was
2 to make me feel better when I missed my parents
while they were at work.
He can't anymore though.
But the significance of paper cranes gives me an indescribeable feeling because
it's part of my childhood and a part of my grandfather's love.
He told me that when he passes away to always remember him every time
I fold a paper crane...

Also, I picked out my schedule for next year!
AP Calculus AB
AP English Language
AP Government/Economics
Physics CP
French II
AP Studio Art
If you're wondering why I'm only in French II, 
it was because I was going to take Japanese at a community college close by
but they made it so that it would only count for college credit and not
high school credit. :\
The upside of it was that every semester counted as a year and it was considered
as honors since I'm high school, if the grade is a
B then it would automatically turn into an A.
I was quite very much disappointed because it's also difficult to get in. :,(

On a lighter note, AP Exams are coming up. xP
On an even lighter note, it's St. Patrick's Day tomorrow!
Don't forget to wear green :D

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