Japan Family Day Fair
What my paper cranes look like so far. I'm so happy it's going so well! :o

And So,
today was the Japan Family Day Fair at a racetrack...

They look so beautiful. :D
And then there was a booth that had Star Dogs. It was my first time trying them.


It was delicious<3 But I should start working out for the wedding
I'm supposed to go to in the summer :,D
I'm kind of getting a bit on the overweight side so it's
best to just look at this picture for the STAR DOG only. 
These were so good! I'm glad I got to try them~
It's like Spam with soy sauced rice wrapped in seaweed.
I folded this at the origami corner. It's a tulip cup.
I love the little cat.        ; 3 ;
spinning top
I made this at the origami corner too. It's a spinning top! :3
chinese ramen
And then I tied the up with a bowl of Chinese noodle soup. :)
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