Woke up this morning...
Nyeehhh...I woke up this morning with cramps....
And long list of food cravings but not wanting to
eat them.
-Chicken Pot Pie
-Pop Tarts
-Creme Cheese
-Clam Chowder
-Hot Pockets
-Fried Chicken
-Animal Style Fries
-Tomato Soup
-Bacon Icecream
-Ham, Parmesan cheese, apple, mayo and mustard, sandwich....with a side of tomatoes and more meat.......
-Caramel Machiato..if that's how you spell it.
-Iced Tea..(We only have Green Tea at home.)
-Hot Chocolate
-That soup in a cup stuff that was around 2005 or something..I forgot what it's called...(I don't even know if they make it anymore.)
I'll strikeout the ones I got to eat this time.
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I like reading your musings- they are amusing! But also they cme straight from your mind-like a stream of consciousness. I imagine you would be nice to know
[2010/07/22 13:56] | URL | #- [ Edit ]
sorry that was rude- to not give my name
[2010/07/22 13:57] | URL | kiwiman 416 #- [ Edit ]
> sorry that was rude- to not give my name
Thank you. ^_^ I've been waiting for a comment for ages. xD
I'm so happy you did.
[2010/07/23 08:25] | URL | Maime #- [ Edit ]
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