It's a Saturday....
It's so odd to not have school anymore because it doesn't feel that way.
Today, I woke up before my alarm clock like usual when I had school.
It's going to be so hard to start sleeping in.
But, on the plus side, I've been watching an anime called Hakushaku To
Yousei. It's a cute shoujo anime. It's so unusual for me watch shoujo
because I prefer reading them. But it was just too cute, and I love the
catchy opening.
Genre: Shoujo, reverse harem, romance, fantasy, historical.
I probably like it right now though because I'm kind of into that
'prince' phase right now. Like how cool it would be to be royalty.
And how they dress regal and class-y.
I should try that next year for school. Break out in kodona swag.
Dress like a prince....

Cold Little Steampunk
This quick sketch is named, Cold Little Steampunk.
It's actually because the first time I drew this character, he had a steampunk outfit.
He is an original character named Ryan. His birthday is May 19th, 2010...yes, today~
Welcome to the world Ryan!! edit;; I'm ranked number 34...what does a rank mean anyway?? D:

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