It's been...
It's been somewhat hard to write more entries lately.
I guess that means school is catching up with me.
Everyone in the current anime club is pressuring me to
start club soon. It feels like we'll end up having it
on Friday though.No negociations or complaints accepted for
this. It's annoying that they think I'm not prepared for this.
But it's best to take our time so it doesn't look like we're
unprepared if we're too early. Doesn't anyone else agree?
It doesn't really matter what week because we will get anime
club started anyways. We still haven't been able to get a hold of
Mr. A****** yet. This means we attempted, it doesn't mean we
kept brushing it off. I was thinking for the first anime club meeting,
We would get more aqquainted with the previous members and
ask them what they want to watch this year. That way we would
know which anime to download for the year. Also, talk about the upcoming
field trip with the Japanese Street Fair. Ask for drivers & questions.
And talk about events.
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I hope every thing turns out alright. If you need helpt just tell me.

You are right thats its pretty early in the year to start it... Making a club takes preparation. And it seems right now isn't the time with the first few weeks of school and all.
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