Out of Stress...
[6:41:39 PM] mixim9000: For some reason I got nothing to say....
[6:41:51 PM] OWs: In a good way or bad way?
[6:42:07 PM] mixim9000: idk
[6:42:34 PM] Ows: it just feels like you're trying to shut me out from the world when you tell me not to go on.
[6:43:05 PM] Ows: Charles: That is NOT the world. The world is outside your computer!
[6:43:31 PM] ows: Charles cont.: I want you to realize the world is right there behind you.
[6:43:38 PM] mixim9000: Thats something I would say
[6:43:39 PM] OWs: Outside the windown
[6:43:46 PM] ows: window*
[6:43:53 PM] ows: Not in front of you
[6:43:57 PM] mixim9000: with the mistypes included
[6:44:21 PM] mixim9000: but yeah
[6:44:28 PM] mixim9000: you know what im thinking already
[6:44:32 PM] mixim9000: I really never had to say it
[6:44:46 PM] ows: Megan: Facebook is a place to reconnect with people.
[6:44:55 PM] mixim9000: well
[6:44:58 PM] mixim9000: im going to shower now
[6:45:01 PM] ows: I feel like I'm so disconnected with the people I see every day
[6:45:08 PM] mixim9000: keep chatting with yourself...
[6:45:14 PM] ows: And when I see them on facebook,
[6:45:18 PM] ows: IS THAT SARCASM?!!?
[6:45:29 PM] mixim9000: wait
[6:45:34 PM] mixim9000: stop typing with yourself
[6:45:39 PM] ows: why?
[6:45:42 PM] mixim9000: and do your homework misses
[6:45:45 PM] mixim9000: lol
[6:45:48 PM] mixim9000: ahahaha
[6:45:48 PM] ows: were you just sarcastic with me?
[6:46:00 PM] mixim9000: sorta
[6:46:03 PM] ows: D<
[6:46:07 PM] mixim9000: but it was in a funny way
[6:46:09 PM] ows: *bites*
[6:46:10 PM] mixim9000: but im still
[6:46:14 PM] mixim9000: disappointed
[6:46:17 PM] mixim9000: bbl
[6:46:22 PM] ows: Well I just went off for my own benefit
[6:46:28 PM] ows: remember that/.
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