I just realized.
Hmm...I just realized that this is the path to villainy. The anger and the frustrations I've been feeling and practicing. The displays of evil...I mustn't lean towards their darkness. I need a rejuvenation and I think it's techno music. It's so great it makes me want to get up and dance...and forget my homework and tests tomorrow. OH SHOOT! I think there is some advocate in the back of my mind that keeps making me write entries like this. Seriously. Maybe there is something wrong with me mentally. I feel like it is lately. I mean when a teacher asks something I think about something way different than what was being asked. And I feel like I'm so misunderstood. I wish I could convey what I feel but the attention makes me sick when others see me like I'm crazy. My mom noticed today that I was ticked off in the inside and holding it in, but I guess she's my mother so it's normal. I think a reason for my actions lately is also way too much lack of sleep. Even though I deactivated my facebook, I'm still not getting the time I need to finish homework. *Cough cough Ch*r*es cough cough* I also think the reason for it is the rejections for anime club rooms. It makes me feel weak but E**** said today that I should feel weak and that I should keep trying. It's just hard to though when I've got so much homework and so little time to sleep. I'm scared that I might fail anime club. But maybe those are new club president's feelings when they start. I'm playing Bass is Kicking by DJ Splash atm. So look it up if you want the ecstasy I'm on...
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