ça va très mal....

I am very very sad!

I'm sure you've heard that before. I think I'm just feeling down-hearted. As for reasons why, one is because of trigonometry, two is because of journalism, three is because of my behavior lately, and four is because of this meanie boy in my chem class...well he's a meanie to everyone but he picked on me the most today. To tell you the truth, I've never been picked on in my life. The first time in a while since I had started school where entered a group....it had to be one I get picked on in. That sounded weird just now. Ugh...that's why...I just put two prepositions together.
When is the day when things will be marvelously amazing? I just think that the next day will be _________and then _________....
There will probably not be a happy week. One day I'm going to look back and regret my junior year all because I didn't make the most of it and talk to people. I'm so terrible at it. Maybe that's why I called myself a closet prince before. I was always a kept inside kind of person and when I get out of the closet I run back in because I get hit and kicked and stomped on and used...
Oh when will be the day when I get sweet revenge..just kidding. That's not my main priority. My main priority is that I will get a successful job and be rich and laugh in people's faces when I'm off on my own island in a hammock with a coconut drink. I don't count that as revenge but my dream isn't to be on an island. It's to be in a sweet vacation home in the midst of beautiful trees out in the mountains somewhere. I'm a woodsy person. I've always admired tropical people, not many can pull it off. It's easy to get tired of summer vacation. One day :3
Again with that "one day"...
I'll be so ecstatic the day my dreams come true :D
I'll be looking forward to that...after hard work.
Well, enjoy some pictures I've taken: (I'm not taking credit for the last picture though. It's from one of my classmates. J*****)
It's a privilege to see pictures of me online..so don't take it for granted. This is really the only place I could share my favorite of secret favorite images...
Megan in lipstick
Megan's backpack
megan's work
Joshua took megan's picture

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