brighter side
I had revised this entry so many times that I decided to start over. lawl
This week had been pretty busy as I was getting back to my studies. I had a
difficult time in class also. AP Literature.
And not to mention that I found stressing news on my family.

But on the bright side, I went to a school production: Little Shop of Horrors. It was great. I loved it a lot. Very funny and colorful.
I have pictures:
From the movie compared to:
That thing looked so real I was about to pee my pants man ;A;
Image is dark because the stage's lights weren't on anymore. D:
I think they should have kept the lights up.
Front row in the center ABSOLUTE CENTER. I felt so fortunate. Apparently this woman gave back the center seat that everyone wanted so she could sit with her children and the ticket-ers gave it to me. SCORE!
And the night I went, the whole theater was sold out of tickets O.O
Which doesn't happen normally so I was kind of glad I got there before they ran out.
My mom took a picture of me here. I was trying to organize which papers I needed for school because my backpack was getting heavy. My side profiles are always unattractive.
TA-DA! The results. Yes those are wine glasses down there, I'm a heavy drinker lol just kidding of course. ;D
It came out to this plus more in my back pack. -sigh- my textbooks too...
But it's okay, it will make me increase the strength of my 'muscles'.
My school!
Only snippets of it though. It's not that big. lol
artbuildingin shhs
Arts and economics buildings I think. pfft I don't even know lol....

I sit near this...yes yes that's right, next to the emergency exit...All the way in the corner in the back. I usually take this opportunity to snooze because the temperature is just right. And the teacher is pretty chill. I still do all my work in her class.

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