So, today was mildly exciting, R*** and I are almost finished with my page in journalism. And Ph****a suggested that we should both get short haircuts.
I'm thinking about it.
And I guess I would have to look for a haircut picture. But I have no idea what I would like for my haircut.
I actually wrote down a list of objectives for me to complete for myself. I think I was a little lost, but it's better to start now then let myself carry on like this. Confused. xD
So this list that is, will be: (And yes I will type it all)
1. Stop biting my nails permanently
2. Get a new hairstyle or dye it a different blue C:
3. Exercise more often, dance (like I used to lol), revive my 7 minute-mile stamina!
4. Ace Trigonometry!! I'll make it my favorite subject ;D
5. Clean my room every week. (Looks like I won't be out of the house for a while)
6. Talk more often at school.
7. Make new friends and bond even closer with old ones.
8. Find a new theme song.
I have a confession:
  For these past five months, I've felt over-absorbed in someone. Someone who couldn't make me happy, only stressed out. Someone who didn't motivate me to try harder in my studying only to just accept my grades as they were. A person who was abusive to not only me, but my feelings. . I was used. I'm not saying this for people to feel sorry for me. I'm saying this because, if it's happening to anyone, I'm hoping you'll realize. I think it's happened for a reason and I've grown more mature as I keep looking back. I'm not so ignorant anymore I think. And I think I'll just live the rest of my high school life boyfriend-less. lol
No joke. I just can't stand the thoughts of me being in the same situation anymore. And I think that's why all the bottled up feelings blew.
I'll just BE A FREE WOMAN!
Poised and rebellious!!!
Because that's probably what I would be good at. I'm not even sure why I decided to get a boyfriend so early in my life. I never needed one. But GOD WAS HE HANDSOME.
First goes:
Then goes:
Then goes:
And Last:
And then all that other unimportant stuff goes below.

Okay just had to let that out. Time for some homework now lawl.
Ohmigosh..yes i just used that. That song btw. the one I posted on my other entry, by Paramore "All I Wanted". That's got no meaning whatsoever, I was just listening to it. I'm not a girl like that. I mean like those girls that always has one after another. Arg. You get what I mean hopefully. xD
I'll picture spam everyone for sure. I've just been daydreaming too much about how I would look with short hair lawl. Yes that's me, the narcissist. lol
I'm surprised at how much space I feel. I think it's because I need to talk more. Starting 6th period! Yes the class I'm ALWAYS quiet in.
Oh right and Anime Club is tomorrow, got to tickle some freshman~ pffft
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